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Modelling portfolio exposure to GHG emission risk

The Carbon Metrics platform allows users to gain a clear perspective on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-related financial risks and opportunities for around 45k companies.

Aside from Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, our tool particularly focuses on modelling Scope 3 emissions aiming to provide the actual GHG emission risk of your investments.

Our scenario analyses will show how changes in regulations, taxes as well as GHG prices will affect the value and future performance of your assets, investments and portfolios.

This allows to make better decisions for their portfolios in times of current political, financial and regulatory changes.

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What can Carbon Metrics do for you?

  • Analyse Portfolios: Detailed analysis using different parameters to identify climate related risks on individual asset as well as portfolio level.
  • Identify & Evaluate Climate Risk: Identify and sort climate related risk.
  • Calculate Carbon Footprint & Climate Scorings: On individual asset as well as portfolio or universe level.
  • Regulatory & Internal Reportings: Reports related to regulatory requirements and reports structured on user-specific requirements.

How does Carbon Metrics work?

Key Metrics

  • TCFD Carbon Intensity

  • Total Carbon Emissions

  • Weighted Average Carbon Intensity

    Carbon Metrics allows you to calculate carbon intensity, total carbon emissions as well as carbon emissions to value invested, as recommended by the TCFD.

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